Meet The Team


Tracy Kendall

Registered Speech-Language Therapist, Primary Trained Teacher, SPELD trained teacher, B.A. Education, member NZ Speech-Language Therapists Association.

Tracy brings over 30 years of experience to her thriving St Heliers based private practice.

With a background in primary teaching and also as a SPELD (specific learning disabilities) trained teacher, Tracy brings a holistic approach to her speech-language therapy work, being interested in a child’s learning and development as a whole.

Tracy bases her teaching and therapies on evidence-based learning, staying upskilled by regularly attending professional development courses run by The New Zealand Speech-Language Therapists Association - of which she is a member - and by running professional development for her staff.

Tracy has worked in the hospital system with intellectually challenged children and young adults and for the NZ Education Board, as a speech-language therapist, primary teacher and reading resource teacher.

Tracy is a member of the NZ Speech Language Therapists Association and abides by their code of ethics. Tracy has served on a local community Charitable Trust Kindergarten for 6 years. She headed up the Auckland Private Practice Speech Language Therapists support group for several years and acted as an informal advisor to other private therapists.

Tracy lives with her husband in Auckland and has 3 adult children.




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