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Dedicated to helping your child communicate with confidence.



Our Practice

We are a friendly, independent Speech-Language Therapy service
based in St. Heliers, Auckland. 

We are committed to providing the most effective and evidence-based services in a friendly and motivating environment. Our fun, stimulating activities, advice and ongoing support, helps children to make changes to their communication to support their social, educational and emotional well-being 

What we do

Every child is different, each with their own unique abilities, personality learning style. We believe in taking the time to understand and build on each individual child’s strengths.

We add passion, optimism and care to our decades of experience and expertise in teaching the skills needed to become happy, confident and successful communicators.

In-service for teachers and staff in your workplace:

  • Stages of speech and language development

  • What to look for when development is slow or different

  • A general overview of communication disorders

  • Techniques and strategies for teachers to encourage speech and language development 




We offer a well-equipped clinic and a range of on-site sessions which means we have the flexibility to work with children of all ages. We offer small group work in pre-schools for children identified as being 'at risk' for speech and language delay. 


We also offer sessions for adults including help with public speaking and accent reduction. We work with adults on a case-by-case basis.

More information about the specific disorders and problems we can help with

Our Team

Tracy Kendall
Speech-Language Therapist



Where to find us

Our clinic is based in St. Heliers in Auckland and we can travel to you. 

We also cover surrounding areas and offer on-site consultations in your own home, day-care, kindy and school.



Drop us a line to arrange an initial assessment